The Virtual Time Capsule collection consists out of 32 objects which the students thought of as representative for the 21st century. The objects all tell a different story on what individuals living during this century experienced, were challenged by or started to acknowledge. The collection is divided into five overarching themes which all deal with one of these specific issues or changes the 21st century has brought about. Click the images below to find out more.


The entertainment industry has evolved so much in the last quarter century. Our increasingly connected and globalized world has given us different ways to have fun. New distribution models and mediums expand our entertainment choices. We now consume media from all corners of the world. We can even produce and broadcast our own content, and therewith become prosumers instead of consumers.


Environmentalism has been a huge issue in the 21st century as the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly felt. ‘Environmentalism’ can be characterized as a concern about and action aimed at protecting the environment. Awareness of environmentalism is increasing in the 21st century, as many people are now opting to buy second-hand clothes, zero-waste food stores are on the rise, and as the vegan food market is rapidly growing.


In the past decade, greater significance has been placed on social movements and social issues. Moreover, the increased globalization in the 21st century has shed light on the necessity for empathy towards others. This has precipitated shifts in both cultures and attention to human rights. Voices of historically marginalized groups are being brought to the fore, as we are now beginning to address colonial discourses and narratives through the process of decolonization.

technology & society

Technology and society showcases some of the 21st century’s most recognized technological developments. These developments have significantly contributed to our lifestyle changes and the way we consume content. They have either made our lives more efficient, but also more complex than they used to be. By looking at these technologies through objects, we acknowledge the contribution of these technological developments and reflect on their role within the last century.


Wellness is an interdisciplinary term combining many fields related to health and well-being. The definition of wellness has evolved and continues to evolve over time. This change is illustrated by focusing significantly on wellness in the 21st century, showing the balance of the definition between the three distinguished sectors: self-care, physical health and mental health.